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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Creating a border. I intend to create a shrub border by the footpath at the front of my house which is north facing so gets some afternoon sun. At the moment it's just lawn and footpath. I'm toying with the idea of a selection of different type hydrangeas and between them some lucifer corcosmias and different colour agapanthus. The three plants grow well at this altitude (300m) as see them in neighbour's gardens. I'm wondering (for reasons of root restrictions) if it might be an idea to leave the agapanthus in buried clay pots with the bottoms removed as saw someone do it recently. Also I've seen different sized agapanthus so wondered if they are sold as standard and large or is it dependent on growing conditions? What do border people think of the overall plan? Thank you in advance.



Hi Sounds interesting

Only thing I would point out is agapanthus is not a plant for a North facing garden "some afternoon sun" from when and how long for ? Otherwise you will end up with all leaves and no flowers ....

23 Sep, 2017


A photo of the area would be useful, but failing that, how wide a border were you thinking of, and how long would it be? And 'some afternoon sun' is presumably only the case in summer if the area is north facing because north facing usually means no sun in winter, can you clarify please?

23 Sep, 2017

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