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By Moatrat

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

After my shrub cuttings have rooted should I nip the centre out



I never do, I just let them get on with it - most shrubs don't have apical domination anyway, so they bush out on their own,, provided they have enough room in the pot to form a good root system over time.

1 Oct, 2017


It does depend on the species, but in general the horticultural trade pinches out at least twice to produce well-branched and dense plants that look nice in the garden centres.

1 Oct, 2017


I have to agree with Bud. Most cuttings that I take are potted on and I regularly pinch out or cut back just above a leaf joint to make one shoot become two and make them bushy.

2 Oct, 2017


Belated thanks to all

9 Oct, 2017

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