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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi all,
Availing of sunshine to put down a couple sacks of Dutch daffs I got at the garden centre. Regrettably about a tenth of them at the centre of the bags are soft and beginning to go off. I have disposed of these. Will the others be ok to grow or have they been contanimated. Would the softer ones have produced any growth had I planted them separately? Does a tenth sound like too high a percentage to have to write off. Sorry for the barrage.



No, not at this time, it's very late to plant daffodils so garden centres will sell them off cheaply to get rid of them.You've done well if its only ten percent wastage. As for the ones you've planted, that's a wait and see...

29 Oct, 2017


if they felt firm then I suspect you will get away with it. I often buy bulbs late and at reduced cost with good success rates.

29 Oct, 2017


Thank you both, it’s a learning experience, did not go to my regular garden centre with whom I have a good working relationship and they would probably have set me right. I have had late bulbs in the past that did well, I think it’s the frost that’s the issue if that’s right, and here on the western seaboard that’s less of an issue so maybe nature will rescue my expenditure? Slán

30 Oct, 2017

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