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Should I Re-Pot My Cuttings
My cuttings are in the coldframe and are ready for re-potting as roots are showing through the bottom of the pots, question is should I pot them on this Autumn or wait until spring. Thank you



Go ahead and pot them up now and make them happy. You don't want those protruding roots to freeze. There should be a half inch space between the root ball and the rim of the pot. Just yesterday I transplanted 4 different shrubs and planted some new Irises - same idea. However, I would hold off on fertilizer so they just wind down and go to sleep. Fertilize them in the Spring when they wake up.

5 Nov, 2017


yes I'd do them now too. I spent a day in the greenhouse on Thursday doing just that. water sparingly.

5 Nov, 2017


Thanks Bath, Sea. I will do them then, what a coincidence Seaburn, thank you.

5 Nov, 2017

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