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I've had my bleeding heart vine (as a houseplant) since around May and it has done well until now. All of a sudden the leaves, starting with the ones nearest the base are wilting, then curling, then turning yellow, then turning brown at the tips. I know it's customary for bleeding heart vines to lose leaves at the end of the season, but it's the wrong time of year for that.



Bleeding hearts normally go dormant end of June. Yours is probably long overdue since it's been indoors.

23 Jan, 2018


Not if it's a Clerodendrum thomsoniae. That is an evergreen tropical shrub/vine. It's hard to tell without pictures, but it sounds like it isn't getting enough light, or it might not be getting enough fertilizer--or maybe both!

23 Jan, 2018


I didn't think it could be grown as a houseplant

23 Jan, 2018


Clerodendrum, yes--with plenty of light--but Dicentra, no.

24 Jan, 2018

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