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By Dorjac

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Did anyone see the photo of someones hand covered in blisters in the RHS Garden magazine? A first responder attended a man with a PARSNIP BURN. Pulling at the leaves on a sunny day caused this dramatic reaction. In letters on the back page. March 2018.



Haven't seen the magazine but such reactions are rare though not unknown. I use the pictures on my site (with the victim's permission) in my talks and they always get a gasp from the audience - even though I warn them in advance.

21 Feb, 2018


yes I have the magazine and did see it. My brother had a similar reaction to giant hogweed when he was a young teenager. used the stems as a stout stick to thwack nettles down. nettle stings would have been less painful.

21 Feb, 2018


Yes I read the article. It was very interesting. There all sorts of different reactions to plants. I am allergic to the house plant Primula Obconica. They now grow a strain which is said to be non allergic but I'm afraid I give the plant a wide berth as I was badly affected.

22 Feb, 2018

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