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Hi everyone.

I have an issue with my tree fern which was re-positioned in April/May this year. It has developed 2 sticky spots on the outside trunk about 1/3rd of the way up from the bottom. It has only been moved about 10ft from its original spot but it does get a bit more sunshine now than it did. The soil is average, mainly clay but has a layer of bark mulch around the top. Also looks like it is expanding in width at the top ??? Any advice would be warmly appreciated.

Treefern1 Treefern Treefern_2_



That looks like some form of bacterial canker to me. Are the areas soft and soggy and weeping? (Have sent you a PM as well)

26 Aug, 2010


Yes, very much so

26 Aug, 2010


Hmm, might well be a goner shortly then.

26 Aug, 2010


Don't say that, must be able to rescue somehow. If its possible to treat fruit trees with bordeaux mix, is it not plausible to treat the tree fern in the same way ??? Or is that just a long shot. should I cut a wedge of tree off of it which hasn't been affected or would it struggle to re-root. Take off the top 2/3rds ??? Maybe I can treat it with some sort of chemical... please ; )

(PM) No problem, thx for message anyway, keep smiling !

26 Aug, 2010


Treatments vary according to the particular cause of the canker - sometimes its just caused by damage, either from extreme weather or physical damage. No idea what one would do on one of these, though where possible, it is recommended to cut out the affected areas.

27 Aug, 2010


Not sure if thats going to be possible. Depends how far into the trunk it goes. The whole tree does seem to be growing at a funny near to the top and seems to have swelled slightly. I'm very concerned. Should i return it to its previous spot where it was doing quite well maybe, and cut out and treat the wound externally with armatillox (disinfectant) or something ???

27 Aug, 2010


Well you can try it, but I still think its a goner. Or it'll recover or not on its own. Doubt repositioning has troubled it too much, don't think that's the cause.

27 Aug, 2010

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