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I have been told that tomorite is a good all liquid fertilizer for my roses, Hydrangea and Escallonia shrubbery, but how often should I apply it. Or is there a better all round liquid alternative for my plants? I say liquid because I have heavy clay soil and the pellets don't tend to disperse very freely.




Tomato food is a good allrounder plant food but for shrubs etc I use blood fish and bone applied about now and slowly release through out the growing season .... plus will be a lot cheaper.

I would save the tomato food for annuals and baskets and not forgetting tomatoes.

17 Mar, 2018


I'd recommend a specialist rose food such as Toprose for roses, certainly not tomorite, and I wouldn't recommend tomorite for shrubs either, because its not balanced in terms of NPK - its intended for use with tomatoes (and can be used for things like summer bedding) because they flower on and on, unlike shrubs. Shrubs in the ground don't really need much direct fertilisation - its better to mulch with something like composted animal manure or good garden compost, or topdress in spring with something like Growmore, which has a balanced NPK. Fish blood and bone will do the job too, but used in the top inch or two of soil, often attracts and encourages cats, dogs and foxes to dig the area - they want to eat the fish blood and bone.

17 Mar, 2018


I always use organic tomato food on perennial plants and chillies. Should I use blood fish and bone for those?

17 Mar, 2018


Tomato food is fine for the chillies, but not particularly the perennials.

17 Mar, 2018


Thanks, Folks Your advice is much appreciated.

18 Mar, 2018

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