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By Oldun

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently dug out my small pond and now have to fill in the hole of course. I have got some top soil but should I dig the area over first or put the topsoil on first and then dig the area? At present the ground is very wet with more rain forecast.




Leave till it dries out then fork the area over and break up the base that may be compacted , this will help with the drainage .... depending what you intend to grow in that spot you could add some homemade compost and manure then add the topsoil and give a good dig over and then rake to level off .... hope this helps a little

20 Mar, 2018


You may need to 'top off' with more soil after it settles in a couple weeks.

20 Mar, 2018


Thank you Gnarly gnome and Bathgate. Your answers are much appreciated. I am making a fernery I hope.

22 Mar, 2018

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