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Buying Sweet Pea seeds as opposed to plants

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Buying Sweet Pea plants as opposed to seeds
I bought some sweet pea seeds the other day--25 seeds for £0.99.
I went into the greengrocer's today and there were two pots of Sweet Pea plants for £1.50. Each pot contains about twenty plants.
So the plants seem a much better buy, and they're already started for me!
(Though I'm sure someone here will have a reason as to why seeds are better....!)




Well I guess you can choose the variety with seeds? But if you don't mind go for the easiest option!

22 Mar, 2018


Sweet Pea seeds are, in my opinion much better than ones that you buy already germinated in pots. They tend to bunch them together and you will damage the roots whilst trying to untangle them. Best grown as singles but you can grow 2 to 3 in pots and then transplant the whole pot to one stick or up sweet pea netting. They don't get so leggy and you can also pinch the growing tips out to make them bushy.

22 Mar, 2018

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