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An ID for this lovely little auricula?





It reminds me of "rumbled" but yours is slightly lighter but that could be down to the growing conditions ...

7 May, 2018


SG-I would just label it as Primula x pubescens.I just sowed a mix off of different Primulas to see what came.The one on my photos is from the same batch,although is pinker than the picture shows.

7 May, 2018


I had a look at 'rumbled' Gg. There seems to be a lot which are very similar. The brown bit showing below the left hand flower has now opened to give me three flowers on this tiny plant. I will do as you say Pcw. I am delighted with it. Thank you.

7 May, 2018


If you grew it from seed then it is not any of the named ones. They vary a humongous amount from seed. If you take seed from this one and sow it, you would probably get a lot of different colours.

8 May, 2018


That is interesting Owdboggy. Pcw grew it from seed he had collected from his own plants.

8 May, 2018


I grew a few hundred of them from my own seed and from Auricula society seed. Good range of colours too, but nothing very different from the hundreds already named. That is the trouble with promiscuous plants like these, the off spring are different and often not as good as the parents. Hard to do it, but most of mine will end up on the compost heap.

8 May, 2018

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