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identification needed..both latin and common names would be useful, also the light requirement..this is a gift from my son, Patrick, but he can't remember much about it..




It's a Sedum of some kind, maybe Sedum 'Angelina'?

14 Jun, 2018


Is it stonecrop?

14 Jun, 2018


Certainly looks like it - cant see the flowers properly - one of the sedum family as Tug says. Its a rock plant and a tolerant one. Likes full sun but will tolerate a bit of shade. Don't overwater as they do well on poor thin soils, or even on walls as the name suggests.

14 Jun, 2018


Thanks, Tugbrethil, Arbuthnot and Teragram..well, wouldn't you know it..just when i have established a great watering system that covers almost every inch of my garden, i get this lovely plant that prefers drier to find a corner where it's drier than the rest..i love sedums, just didn't recognize this one..the flowers are still in bud..they're white when they come out..thanks again..

15 Jun, 2018

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