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After the Allium blooms have died off, what are you left with? Does the plant die back completely until the next year? If so, can i safely put a pottered plant on that spot for the summer months? TIA



Think of allium bulbs as another spring bulb. Alliums tulips daffodils, hyacinth. They all pretty much work the same way. After the flowers fade, the leaves will remain for a few weeks to gather energy for next year & the bulbs divide. When the leaves yellow & shrival, you can dig them up to move them. Yes you can put a potted plant over them.

25 Jun, 2018


If you cut the dead flower stems off you can dry them and use them in arrangements. They take a gold spray quite well too.

25 Jun, 2018


quite often the leaves die back just before the flowers open. [causes a lot of consternation when people see the leaves turning yellow before the flower] cut the spent flower head off and yes you can put something over the spot. I actually plant a perennial next to it so I know where they are the following season.

25 Jun, 2018


thanks, Bathgate, Teragram, and Seaburngirl..all this info is very helpful..just what i needed to know..

30 Jun, 2018

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