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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there
Yet another question this time in my garden.
I am trying for the first time to grow a pumpkin for my daughter.
Having never done this before i have got as afar as 6 flowers 3 that have fallen off and one that looks pronmising.
Am i correct in assuming that the growth should comwe after the flower has died like cucumbers and marrows.
AS flowers have fallen off and nothing else has appeared.

i have put a lot of sheep wall around the plants to stop the slugs and snails getting to them ansd this has worked.Also fed them once a week.

Any advice greatly appreciated.




Pumpkins produce male and female flowers , the female flower is easy to spot as it has a tiny immature pumpkin at the base of the flower but they need to be pollinated to grow

15 Jul, 2018


Courgettes at any rate seem to produce quite a lot of male flowers before they get around to any male ones so perhaps patience is the answer - when a female one does appear you can fertilise it yourself if there's a male one open at the same time.

15 Jul, 2018

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