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Can anyone help in identifying this animal dropping?
It's about 2" long, pale grey, and very smooth, smooth even when squished.
It is just a single piece, there was an identical one last week. Thought hedgehog at first, but I think hedgehog is darker, speckled and normally more of it.
I'm curious.




You don’t say what size it is but it looks like hedgehog to me.

13 Aug, 2018


Pheasant is a possibility. Hedgehog is made up of chitin which is the black shell of beetles etc.

13 Aug, 2018


not hedgehog but my first thought was avian rather than mammalian. gull/rook/crow and as Owd suggests pheasant also a possibility.

any particular smell? I know that sounds disgusting but smell is often very diagnostic.

13 Aug, 2018


I had read that the smell might be usefull, so I squished it. Didn't seem to have any noticeable smell. It was smooth, like pate.
Don't think it's pheasant, we have pheasants in winter, their poo looks different.
Do owls defecate while flying? Neither this not last week's 'sample' was under a perch of any kind.
Weirdly fascinating stuff .... 🤔

14 Aug, 2018


Not mammalian then as all of those are described as being 'scented'.

14 Aug, 2018


No idea but found a site with a forum you can ask
It could be that the animal has a problem with its biliary system which can have that grey result. Please let us know if you find out!

14 Aug, 2018


yes owls do defecate as well as regurgitating a pellet of fur and bones.
I've checked my animal tracks and scat guide and it doesn't match any mammalian scat in that.

i'm inclined to think waterfowl such as geese but difficult to id.

14 Aug, 2018

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