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I have had a water killer in my pond for many years

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I have had a water lilly in my pond for many years. The first flower appeared about 2 months ago and was lovely, however the next bud came, but before it had chance to open, a big chunk was taken from it leaving shredded petals on the surface. The next bud developed a week ago, but exactly the same thing happened again. As this has never happened before I am at a loss to know what has caused it. Can anyone suggest a predator.

On plant Nymphaea rubra



Could it be a wading bird looking for fish? Pecking the buds to make the fish panic & show themselves?

24 Aug, 2018


Well I have noticed this year a pair of wood pigeons in the garden and surrounding area, and they seem to eat any food that I put out for the normal garden bird. They are even on the nut dispensers (which is too awkward for them and they are much to big for them), but they are very persistent. I’m not sure if they would be the culprits.

29 Aug, 2018

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