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For Steragram: Pics of my sickly Goosegog

Complete_gooseberry_plant_sml Gooseberry_closer_sml Close_gooseberry_leaf_sml



I'm hopeful but it's not pretty...

11 Sep, 2018


it should recover fine. give it a good feed in the spring when the new leaves emerge. the old leaves will be dying now and will drop off.

12 Sep, 2018


I've never seen one do that before Darren. Looks as though there could be two separate problems there. Did you have sawfly? I don't know what the yellow markings are, sorry, but I'd burn the leaves when they fall just in case. You are going to need advice re pruning in 'February.
Do you know why the plant is growing more to one side?

12 Sep, 2018


Haven't seen any saw fly. I agree there's at least two problems. Could any nasties have migrated from the blackcurrants?
I'm beginning to think that my best bet is to carefully dig it out before the roots have spread more, wash the soil off & put it into a big pot of fresh compost to overwinter. Then get stuck into that area of ground with a fork & really improve the soil in terms of compost & drainage & anything else that occurs.
My fear is that, being an urban garden, someone has dumped something unpleasant in that spot. I previously had some aquilegia there & they didn't prosper either. I've got a pH tester so I'll have a look with that. In the pics you can see that even the weeds & grass aren't doing well?
Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

12 Sep, 2018


Interesting idea. I have a small patch in a border where nothing lasts long and have wondered if the ground was tainted with something. I ended up putting a pot there instead.If it isn't a very big area you might even consider removing all the present topsoil and replacing it with some bought topsoil. I'd leave disturbing the gooseberry until its dormant though or you might finish it off altogether...
Did you have a similar problem with your blackcurrants then? The only thing wrong with them I've had was a touch of big bud in the spring but got rid before it did any damage. The yellow speckly areas looks more like some sort of mite or insect attack to me but I don't know.
What happened to the leaves on the branches on the left side of the photo? Are the stems still alive? Did it happen last year as a well?

12 Sep, 2018


There aren't any big areas in my garden! :-) It's all weeny.
The gooseberry has only been in for about four months so I think carefully digging it out wouldn't be a problem & it's the only way I could get at the soil in the area.
Only widespread problem I had with the blackcurrants was aphids, protected by ants. Though I guess that would be a way of viruses transferring?
I'm going to go for digging it out & potting it up. If it dies I've learnt?!
I'll improve that area of the garden & put the plant back on that spot in it's pot. If it dies in the end I can always buy another?
Onwards & Upwards as Cushnie always says...

12 Sep, 2018


I only meant the square yard or so where the plant is! Its just that these days digging out a deep hole that size feels like a big area... I've never seen a gooseberry in a pot - I think replacing the soil (not simply improving what's there if you are concerned the ground might be tainted with something)would be preferable if you can do it. Something's been biting chunks out of the leaves - hope it isn't vine weevils but do look carefully for grubs when you dig it up.
Or you can just cross your fingers and do what Seaburngirl suggests.Decision decisions... But in any case collect andburn any leaves that fall off.

13 Sep, 2018

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