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What is this plant, please?
This is a self set plant. It grew under the bird feeder and I think it must have grown from something out of the bird food.
As you can see, I have cut it down, because it hasn't flowered, except for one purple spray.

Image Image



It looks vaguely like an Artemisia or wormwood - but they don't have purple flowers and are highly unlikely to be included as seeds in bird food.

7 Oct, 2018


Thanks Bamboo.
My reason for asking is, if it's a plant it can go on the compost, if it's a weed it will go in the green bin.
(Yes, I know a weed is a plant too.....!)

7 Oct, 2018


Whatever it is, it has a lot of seedheads on - if you remove the flowered stems, you can put the rest in the compost.

7 Oct, 2018

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