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More and more of leaves on piggy back plant seem to be browning. Also, I am noticing brown leaves that are brand new/small. I have inside, gets bright indirect light. I keep soil moist as I live in arid climate. I have had it for year and half. I replanted this last summer. It doesn’t appear to be tanking but I am concerned. Any advise. Photos included.

Sending a better pic of new brown leaf

On plant Tolmiea Menziesii

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Hi, welcome to GoY, Tolmiea menziesii should be grown in full to partial shade, and are totally hardy to 5 f and lower, so are better off planted in the garden, in a north or east facing position, in moist but well drained soil rich in humus, so being in a pot, in front of a window, is probably not the best place for it, if it has to be in a pot, try placing it in a shaded spot in a cool room, Derek.

21 Oct, 2018


I think it's a watering issue. The number 1 reason for the leaf edges to brown up like that is over watering. 'Killing it with kindness' as they say. I know the plant likes a moist condition, but maybe let the soil 'nearly' dry out before the next watering. Try to avoid getting the leaves wet. Does that pot have a drainage hole? That's critical. If not just take a power drill to it. All other conditions seem ideal for this plant to thrive. These plants are vigorous & require only minimal care - they grow in Alaska. You can easily propagate a new plant, by sticking healthy leaves into most soil.

21 Oct, 2018

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