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Last year we had these white bluebells about 3000 of them. We painstakingly dug them all up and destroyed the bulbs. Now this year they are back so far about 1000 of them. They are coming up through the patio, through a membrane which is covered in stones and now through the lawn. We are in our eighties and to do it all again is just too much. Could the answer be to have all the soil removed and replaced with new soil. Our garden is not very large but none the less a very pretty garden and we are opposite the very windy beach. Please help.



I think you should think about a weedkiller, Glyphosate. In my experience, bluebells tend to become deep-rooted so if you have the time and the inclination, I would suggest that you mix some Glyphosate with wallpaper paste to form a gel and either paint the bluebells or wear a disposable rubber glove and an old material glove on the outside so you can dip your fingers in the solution and rub it on to the plant. You might have to do this several times but it does work in the end. Yes, you could spray with weedkiller but if you have other plants in the vicinity and as you have said the site is windy, you will possibly get some drift.

30 Oct, 2018


I wonder if they are white bluebells and not one of the wild onions that flower at the same time. You need to prevent them from self seeding too. Jimmy's suggestion is a good one to try. Removing the soil may well replace one problem with another.

30 Oct, 2018


But be aware that unless you paint each plant individually on the lawn it will kill the grass as well - though you may feel its worth it! If you don't want to spray you can usually dilute the weedkiller differently and water it on. There should be instructions on the container.There are watering cans designed for the job, with a bar instead of a rose.

Constant mowing should at least weaken the ones in the lawn as if the leaves can't get any light the plant will die.

30 Oct, 2018


Paint 1000 bulbs individually? There may be 1000 more waiting below. Jesus may return before you get done! Spraying/painting all those chemicals won't address the bulbs yet to emerge. By then the neighbor's cat may be dead from all the drift. For this job, I would rent something like a 'Bobcat mini excavator' (they are fun as hell to operate). I don't know what you call it in your country. You can overturn the entire garden in a couple hours. Then you can sieve out the bulbs with a mulching rake or such like. Be creative.

30 Oct, 2018


This is another question that would be much better if there were photos?!
Everyone is, reasonably, assuming that it's an unwelcome Spanish hybrid or maybe just an allium...
A true albino bluebell would be worth preserving & potentially hugely valuable but if it's allium triquetrum (Three Cornered Leek) it's for sale online: £10 for 50 bulbs.
Apparently triquetrum seed really well so don't let them flower if you want rid☺

30 Oct, 2018


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30 Oct, 2018

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