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I asked a question about overwintering non-hardy fuchsias in the greenhouse, but now have another question please. I'm going away for the whole of November and need to put them in the greenhouse before I go. However, they are still in flower, so is it still OK not to water them at all? Presumably they aren't dormant yet. The same goes for a couple of geraniums I'd like to try to save until next year.



They will be fine, give them a good watering before you put them in, but don't sit them in a tray of water as they wont be using much water at this time of year. The geranium can be watered today and the left.
We have had a decent frost today so I will be putting mine into the greenhouse either today or tomorrow.

31 Oct, 2018


Thanks so much for that answer. I'll water them now as you say.

31 Oct, 2018


My Fuchsias have been in greenhouse for about three weeks now.
I only keep them fairly dry just enough water to stop them drying out completely I cut back and remove all leaves and repot in fresh compost.
Vine weevil can be a problem a good time to cheque wile repoting.
If in a cold green house the will need additional protection I stand mine on polystyrene and wrap fleece around pots.
Hope this helps

31 Oct, 2018


That really helps. Thank you.

1 Nov, 2018


I would not repot in fresh compost until they show the first signs of fresh growth in the spring.

It doesn't really matter if they drop their leaves and flowers at this time of year as they go dormant anyway unless kept in a well heated greenhouse.. Agree with Peter - let them get pretty dry.
Geraniums put up with low temperatures as long as the compost isn't wet. Low temps plus wet is what kills them.

1 Nov, 2018


Thanks again. I wish I hadn't watered them now, though.

2 Nov, 2018


Don't worry about it - the compost isn't very likely to freeze in the greenhouse at this time of year.Just enjoy your holiday!

2 Nov, 2018



5 Nov, 2018

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