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Are there any books available on how to use an unheated greenhouse? Many thanks.



I don't understand your question Vicki. An unheated greenhouse is just a room. You can make a solarium I suppose.

12 Dec, 2018


Yea, there are, but quite often, books on greenhouse growing also include information on heating and growing with heat. It might be better to go and have a browse at greenhouse growing books to make sure the one you get covers unheated greenhouses. I know Alan Titchmarsh has a Greenhouse Gardening book, but I'm not sure whether it covers unheated greenhouses specifically. Some titles for greenhouse gardening in the link below.

This article might be of interest though, despite its age - an unheated greenhouse might not be warm enough for anything during winter if you're in a cold region, so the further north north/east you are, the more likely that is to be true - unless you're near the sea

13 Dec, 2018


It'll come into it's own if you put plants in pots in there in early Spring? Earlier seed germination than outside, better environment for cuttings, etc.
It's just a little milder than outside which can be a nice advantage that's fairly significant if you're a nerdy gardener...

13 Dec, 2018


The Arboretum at Flagstaff probably has some information and suggestions. They have been experimenting with passive solar greenhouses for many years. I believe that the TV show "Growing a Greener World" has an episode about year-round gardening in them.

14 Dec, 2018


Looking for gardening podcasts I also came across passive solar greenhouses. Looks interesting!

15 Dec, 2018

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