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Sweet peas
Today I noticed the pods on the plants outside have seed germinating in them. Any one else had this happen this year. I suspect the damp autumn has meant the pods haven't dried out enough to split and scatter the seed. I collected and planted about 40 of them today. some have quite developed shoots whilst others have just germinated. I only plant the just germinating ones. if they survive that is one less set of seeds to do in the spring.



Heavy frost may put an end to them unless covered

20 Dec, 2018


The container I had petunias in last season sprouted some very healthy plants, and it looks like they will grow all winter.

20 Dec, 2018


Easier where the soil doesn't freeze, Wylie, like your garden and mine! :)
Here in the desert, though, Sweet Peas are considered to be one of the hardiest winter flowers, so they might well survive, if well mulched. Winter Petunias are probably a little more doubtful in most of the UK, though.

21 Dec, 2018


I bet these are tucked up in the greenhouse by tomorrow night! Have a restful Christmas and get your strength back asap!

21 Dec, 2018


they were in straight away Stera as that is where all the pots and compost is. :o)

22 Dec, 2018



23 Dec, 2018

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