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Epimedium Do I cut the leaves off all my epimedium

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Do I cut the leaves off all my epimedium (deciduous and evergreen) in Spring so the flowers are visible? Thanks



I sometimes cut them off but not for a while yet, as the foliage offers winter protection on the evergreens. some years I don't get to them and the flowers do emerge above the foliage.

29 Jan, 2019


Thanks Seaburn. I have a few recent purchases so I’m not familiar with their habit but one looks really lush and a couple look sad so I’m hoping the sad ones are deciduous.

30 Jan, 2019


ooh nice which ones have you bought Dawn?

I have a very nice evergreen one that I think may be E. perralderianum as its the only 3 'leaved' one I can find. the flowers are like E pinnatum colchicum. that's what I was told it was based on the flowers but the leaves are wrong for that. each leaf stalk of mine has 3 leaflets so that is making it more E perralderianum. would you like me to send you some? its a slow/steady clumper and fully evergreen with bronzish young foliage. it is thriving 10ft from the bowl of a large beech tree.

30 Jan, 2019


I always remove the leaves of mine - partly to show off the flowers but also with a yellow flowered variety whose name i forget (what's new...) because the new leaves are very attractive in their own right. Thanks for the reminder!

30 Jan, 2019


Same as Stera here..
But not till the flower buds are visible.

30 Jan, 2019


Thanks Stera, Karen.
Yours sound interesting Seaburn, I will message you :-)

31 Jan, 2019

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