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I have a 13 year old horse chestnut tree in my backyard which grew from a chestnut dropped by another tree.
How tall shpuld it be by now?
Also, when should it start flowering?
Thanks for any help with this!



welcome to GoY :o)

5 Feb, 2019


welcome to GoY Christnel :o )

where abouts do you live UK/USA etc I'm in east Yorkshire UK.
the reason for asking is it helps in giving advice.

I am assuming uk :o)

The height and rate of growth depends on many things, how much light and water being the two main things..

generally 9-18" of growth per year so I'd expect your tree to be about 12-15ft tall by now assuming decent water etc. once established they increase in diameter about 1" a year.
as for flowering I have seen them produce flowers at 15ft in height but don't know how old it is.

5 Feb, 2019


SBG - 13 years old!!

I hope Christnel has room for it...35metres tall and across at maturity.There was a similar one to this in our garden when we moved here. It was quite big, trunk about 4"diameter at the base but it never flowered. Sadly it had to go as it was still only a baby really and no way was there room for it to grow to maturity. And with the rapid spread of bleeding canker it wasn't worth making room for it just to have it die later.

One solution might be to transplant it into a local woodland where you can still enjoy it?

5 Feb, 2019


Hi Christnel and welcome to GoY. A Chestnut tree isn't really a Garden Tree...unless you have Acres and Acres. It will grow up to be a monster! They are trees for Parks really. I'd get it out now, while its still reasonably young...or even chop it down if you can't get it out...and replace it with a better tree for your plot. :) Unless you really do have room for it of course!

5 Feb, 2019

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