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Can anyone tell me if this is Japanese knotweed?

20190209_155134 20190209_155158 20190209_155154



Pretty sure it isn't but can't think what it is! Jap Knotweed has hollow stems, not usually that shade of green and thicker. Did it flower?

10 Feb, 2019


No it isn't. the top photo appears to have flowers and it looks like Pheasant berry [Lycestera Formosa]

A nice plant but can run a bit.

10 Feb, 2019


Thank you! No idea about flowering but the pics were taken yesterday at the back of a house I am looking at purchasing. There was some sort of small pinkish flower on it. Would send a picture but cannot see where I can add a pic 😁

10 Feb, 2019


That's definitely leycesteria formosa

10 Feb, 2019

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