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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Tree guidance please. I have just got 3 Chanticleer pear trees bare root. They are about 10 to 12 ft tall. We have dug the holes two and a half feet deep and the same wide. Is this too deep to plant these trees. The shop said to plant up to the line where they were planted previously but it is very difficult to tell. They cost a lot of money and I don't wish to kill them off. I have planted plenty of small fruit trees before but never something so tall or expensive. Any help would be good thanks.



Can you add a photo with a ruler next to the roots up the stem? That might help us give advice. is there a graft point where the fruit tree has been joined onto a root stock or is it all one plant? If you can see a graft point then don't plant that below the soil level.

without seeing them my gut feeling is that I'd plant them so there is about 4" of soil above the top most roots. But see what others suggest Cecelia.

8 Mar, 2019


I'd completely agree with everything Seaburn has said.
Did the shop give you any details on the rootstock? You're unlikely to kill them but if the joint between the main plant & the rootstock is buried then the main plant may put out it's own roots & lead to the tree growing too large

8 Mar, 2019


Thanks for you advice, the shop did not give any info on rootstock and I have not found any on the internet so I think it must be all one plant. It is an ornamental pear that can grow up to 45 foot. My husband has put them in the holes with fairly loose soil so can be moved if necessary. The smallest roots is 21 inch long and the tallest is 24 inch long. There is a swelling above the roots which looks like an upturned bottle and the rest of the trunk comes out of the middle of it. It could be a graft point but not like any I have seen before. I took the measurement from the top of the swelling before we dug the holes. I wonder if I should remove some of the soil at the surface so that the swelling is clear of the ground just in case it is a graft.

8 Mar, 2019


It seems likely that the lump would be the graft point. For it's future wellbeing it's best that it's properly above ground, if it's just in a bowl then rain will puddle & soil will fill it risking mould & sucker roots

8 Mar, 2019


the swelling could be the natural point where roots and stem differentiate so I would have that just above soil level. if it is the graft point then that will be ideal too.
once you are 'happy' firm the soil in around the stems.

8 Mar, 2019


Yes I think that is very good advice from you both and we will get that done today. Although we have planted a few small fruit trees these had me baffled and into panic mode. Its great to receive common sense advice- thanks

9 Mar, 2019

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