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By Sarahp

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi spring is here! I’m a fair weather gardener so looking forward to getting back out there, just watched gardeners world, I’m confused about mulching, can I put well rotted manure on as mulch, what do people tend to use ?



well rotted manure can be used yes. I use well rotted leaf litter/leaf mould and bark chippings that have been left standing for 6 months. When the compost bin contents are old enough they also get put on the beds.
hope this helps.

23 Mar, 2019


I'm hijacking another query. Sorry Sarah but I also saw Monty last night and have been mulching today with garden compost. I'm pleased that SBG tells us that leaf mould is good to use too. Monty didn't mention that or manure.

23 Mar, 2019


leaf mould is excellent and my mulch of choice as it contains lots of micronutrients that benefits the plants. also lots of microscopic critters and useful fungi to keep the garden healthy.

depending on the leaves it can be ready in a year or longer if its beech/oak as they have more tannins in them and they take longer to rot down.

24 Mar, 2019

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