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Storing begonia corms.
I have just purchased 4 corms but wll not be planting them up for a few weeks yet. What is the best way to store these until then?



They should be OK if stored in a paper bag in a cool dry situation for a little longer. You could set them out on a bed of moist compost in pots if you have a light, warm situation where they won't have to deal with frosty or freezing conditions. When they become rooted you can pot them on.

24 Mar, 2019


You can store them for a little longer in a paper bag in a cool, dry situation. If you want to get going, then you can set them out in pots of moist compost in a light, dry, frost-free situation until the weather warms up. You can then pot them on into their final positions.
Sorry for the duplicate, perhaps I need to get a grip?

24 Mar, 2019


Thanks, Jimmy. I bought them in a small paper bag and could leave them in the garden shed then. But I like your other suggestion of getting them started. I thought it may be better to put the directly into the containers where they will eventfully live, but maybe I'll get them started. The containers are too large to store indoors.

24 Mar, 2019


They can seem to take ages to get going. I would definitely plant them up and keep them warm if you can - no need to put them in the final containers.

24 Mar, 2019


Thanks, Steragram. I think I'll do this tomorrow. I can leave them in the porch to give them a little bit of warmth.

24 Mar, 2019

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