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By Phloxie

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I’m looking for a piece of the following two plants which I can plant up and grow on. I am willing to pay for the pieces also P+P.
1. Zantedeschia Aethiopica “Green Goddess”
2. Zantedeschia Pentlandii
I would be extremely grateful if you can help.



sorry I cant help but they are both lovely plants. good luck in your search.

Burncoose nursery has green goddess listed.

31 Mar, 2019


Hello Sbg, thank you for replying. I had checked out Burncoose they wanted £11.50 for Z. Green Goddess which I would have willingly paid, but plus £13.50 carriage taking it to £25 I thought was just a bit to steep. I had hoped a GOY member may have a large clump in their garden and would be willing to take a small division off it and I could purchase it from them at a fairer price. I will have to wait and see. Regards Z. Pentlandii that may be a different story as this is not so readily available.

31 Mar, 2019


As you're in Kent you may not need to limit yourself to the hardy types. I'm in Manchester & was surprised that a purple one popped back up last Spring, it was in a fairly exposed, windy spot too! You can often pick them up in £shops for a couple of quid so even if you only get a year or two it's not been costly. Thinking about it I may've even seen white zantedeschia in our local Poundstretcher this year.
Haven't been to Kent for years... Though I grew up in Folkestone

31 Mar, 2019


that is ridiculously expensive I don't blame you for not going with it.

good luck with your search.

1 Apr, 2019


Thanks for the reply and information Darren. I am really only interested in growing Z. Aethiopica varieties and Z. Pentlandii. The bright coloured ones are not for me.
I’m glad you agree Sbg that what Burncoose wanted including the postage £25 was ridiculously expensive. Unfortunately pensions don’t stretch to that.

1 Apr, 2019

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