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Anyone id this woody plant from just the leaves?




reminds me of laburnum. that's the best I can dredge from my memory. what are the backs of the leaves like? furry, smooth etc?

are you discovering the joys of your new garden? I hope you are not disappointed.

8 Apr, 2019


I take it that it's an evergreen and this is an up-to-date picture. Cytisus battandieri - Pineapple Broom Tree would be my guess.

8 Apr, 2019


It reminded me of both of those which is why I asked. BUT did not think the Cytisus self seeded all over the place as this has done.

8 Apr, 2019


Backs of the leaves are very slightly downy. Found some seed pods on the soil so think it is most likely Laburnum.

8 Apr, 2019


How about Piptanthus laburnifolius? It has SBG's leaf suggestion and comes easily from seed. Otherwise, I give up. I have been struggling to remember this plant from an oddment in my local garden centre. Don't forget to post the name if you manage to discover it. Good luck!

8 Apr, 2019


I doubt if the previous owners of this property went in for rare and unusual shrubs, so Piptanthus may be a little recherché for here. Thanks anyway, will keep you posted.

8 Apr, 2019


Having seen Laburnum trees in a recent visit to a garden I can postively id this one as Laburnum.

23 Apr, 2019

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