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Flytrap Flower?
Looks like my Venus Flytrap is trying to flower? Can anyone confirm or is it just another trap springing up?
I've recently brought it back indoors after Winter & given it a couple of worms so it's starting to put on growth fairly quickly but it's only a year or so old so I don't want it to flower yet.
The stem in the middle is the suspect, it's fairly round from any angle by the way...




Yes, that's a flower stalk.

15 Apr, 2019


Thanks BG.

15 Apr, 2019


yes its a flower stalk. they are pretty.
what type of worm did you feed it? just curious as my daughter has one and gives it the odd maggot from the fishing tackle shop. she gets a funny look when she asks for just one. they are usually sold by the 1/4 or 1/2 pint.

15 Apr, 2019


Just a little red wriggler I picked up when I turned the wormery compost. Mine thrived last year on the smaller of the woodlice that tried to scarper when I moved plant pots: might be easier than getting known as 'one-maggot lady'? Unless she goes back to the shop with a huge fish & shouts 'That's how you do it!'😄
I've snipped the flower stalk as my understanding is that it takes too much out of them. Maybe if I can keep it going for a few years I'll let it flower to see what happens

15 Apr, 2019


they call her Venus Darren which I think is lovely and as I have been in with her I am Venus's mum. She used to fish a lot as a child and her 9lb carp picture caught when she was 8 had pride of place on the 'wall of fame' in the shop for many years. She is now an ecologist/ conservationist and doesn't fish. Though she is happy to wander around the lake.

properly fed hers flowers every year. she must have had it for 4 yrs now.

15 Apr, 2019


That is nice!
Maybe if mine puts out another stem I'll let it flower, I'm quite an attentive owner & it surpassed my expectations last year.

15 Apr, 2019

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