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Has anyone ever dismantled a lawn spreader? I have a Scott's Evergreen Easy Drop spreader and am not convinced that it is releasing enough fertiliser. It is only 2/3 years old but there are signs of 'fetiliser corrosion' around the roller and I assume that it is starting to get a bit clogged up.
So, I thought that may try to dismantle a clean it but from past experience, these spreaders are not made for dismantling.



Have you tried looking on YouTube? Seems most things turn up there, even the most unlikely

24 Apr, 2019


if there is clogging then fill it with water and give it a stiff brush. or use a pressure washer. we found it clogged up readily but if you widen the holes then you get too big a dosage of what ever it is you are spreading.

24 Apr, 2019


I did try YouTube but didn't find anything for it. There were videos showing you how to clean them.

While cleaning it this afternoon, the spring on the cable broke anyway. So, now I am looking for a new spring. It may have been that the spring had 'spread' and this may have prevented the flap from opening properly. Anyway, eBay now for some springs.

24 Apr, 2019


Never ends does it...

26 Apr, 2019


Nope! :(

27 Apr, 2019

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