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By Ostrich

East northants, United Kingdom Gb

Owing to an unexpected severe East Anglian frost a couple of weeks ago my garden has suffered!! 2 small 2yr old hydrangeas defoliated totally, new rose shoots crisped, a new Daphne, "perfumed princess" has many brown leaves & a tiny new Camellia also partially defoliated. Is there any hope that they will survive? I've no hope of flowering, but would hate to think they've had it!! Did not get this on the west coast of wales!!



if there is still healthy growth else where on the shrubs then they will recover. Cut off the damaged bits so they look more appealing and then let them get on with it.

24 Apr, 2019


Frost might have caused that sort of damage for sure, but East Anglia is renowned for being dry - I've had the sprinkler on in various relatively newly planted areas twice, first time a month ago, then 2 weeks ago, here in the south east, (and it really needs doing again now, hoping we'll have enough rain not to bother) so if you haven't watered, that might be contributing, especially for the new plants.

24 Apr, 2019


My hydrangea has been badly damaged by the frost and I feel sure I have lost all flowers for this year.
However there is good growth about 6 inches down so will trim back to that.
I live in North Hertfordshire.

25 Apr, 2019


Thanks to all your responses....I had watered..(emptied 3 water butts) the rain has come. I'm going to sit tight & wait I think.

27 Apr, 2019

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