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I have a pear tree that must be 30 years old. Every year it produces a lot of fruit, enough to keep us going all year BUT by June the leaves are speckled with black spots, is it mould. At this point I lose interest on the tree as we are not tempted to eat the fruit. Sadly it all goes rotten and one year we had a huge gust of wind which blew every single pear on the tree right off.
If there a band to place around the tree bark or what else can we treat it with to prevent this happening or something to protect the tree.

Eager to have answer as the tree look so pretty as it is displaying its spring blossom.

Thank you




I found this article that might be useful.

26 Apr, 2019


There's a number of different things that might cause spots on pear leaves. The website Gardening Knowhow has a good identification list.
If the fruit aren't damaged there's no reason not to harvest them

26 Apr, 2019

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