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By Ostrich

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What do gardeners plant after the forget- me- nots please? Something perennial would be good, also bee friendly.



the simple answer is what ever you wish to plant. chose plants that you like and are suitable to your soil type.

chose single flower forms rather than doubles to be more bee friendly. plants that are liked by bees is quite large. I grow scabious, penstemon , monarda, sweet rocket, foxgloves, heleniums, helianthus and many others. annuals like stocks, godetia, nigella, nemesia , limnanthes are also ones I grow.

17 Jun, 2019


Hi I agree with the above, whatever you want, I don't grow forget me nots, they just appear, sometimes I pull them out, others I leave them to flower, and then pull them out, they come back either way, Derek.

17 Jun, 2019


The thing about using perennials is forget me nots usually seed themselves so whatever you plant will probably get
seedlings popping up around them. You can always transplant them while they're youngish if you want to.

17 Jun, 2019


Thanks folk! Think I'm going for foxgloves as mine have vanished. Also (hold your breath) I'm putting my very healthy looking poinsettia OUT! I know I won't get the red bracts but if it survives the winter (fleeced) it is a nice looking bush, at least for another season.
Roses very late 0/a of weather I suspect, but some just opening now.
Don't object to self seeded forget me nots,just don't want 'em when they've "gone over".

18 Jun, 2019


No they do look a mess don't they. Foxgloves aren't perennial though but they do replace themselves. Mine never put them selves where I would have chosen though, lol.

18 Jun, 2019


Aubretia usually outlasts forget me nots in terms of flowering, enough to carry the garden over till things like Geums start flowering. Campanula muralis (now called C. portenschlagiana) flowers just as the forget me nots are ending too... both the campanula and aubretia are much loved by bees. Aubretia does best in full sun though, the campanula's not so fussy, flowers in shade too. If it is full sun, consider rock roses (Helianthemum varieties) - evergreen subshrubs, they flower over a long period in spring too, ours started while the forget me nots were in full throttle and are still flowering now.

18 Jun, 2019

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