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I've had this shrub in a pot for 37yrs, today I spotted its flowers, didn't know it actually did flower, any know its name please..



foliage reminds me of Fabiana but the flowers are not right. I also thought tree heather but again flowers wrong.
I will keep thinking :o)

19 Jun, 2019


how about Olearia nummularifolia? the foliage sort of fits too.

19 Jun, 2019


I have a feeling this is a Hebe...I know it doesn't look like it...but I think I've seen it in the GC and thought...'really? That's a Hebe?' Hebe ochracea?

19 Jun, 2019


Hi Sue, have a look at Hebe cupressoides 'Boughton Dome', Derek.

19 Jun, 2019


Thankyou all, very much appreciated, I will look for all of them, a lady on GUK has also suggested Hebe..My Plantsnap said it could be Olearia nummilarifolia Seaburn and the write up does fit..

19 Jun, 2019

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