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Species pea.
any idea what this species pea is? I was given the seed years ago [by scotsgran?] of course the label is still in the soil but the ink isn't!



L. Clymenum Chelsea?
But I'm hoping it's L. Tingitanus because that's funnier

24 Jun, 2019


L. odoratus maybe 'Surprise'. I do not recall sending you the seeds but perhaps someone else may remember doing so. Might be the ones suitable for hanging baskets L. 'Sugar and Spice'. I know I had them from the potato day in Edinburgh.

24 Jun, 2019


There is no scent to this one and I think it is probably L tingitanus. I have a vague recollection that it began with t. It must be about 4 years ago since I got the seed.

I wonder who sent me the seed then if it wasn't you.

24 Jun, 2019


I have just checked the seed distribution list for 2015/16. L.tingitanus is listed in there. I have been packing seeds for them since before that date and I possibly bought or was given these to make up an order. I did grow them myself so maybe I did send them. Seed left over after the orders are picked and dispatched are offered for sale at the shows at 20p each or 6 for £1. It is such a bargain. L. tingitanus has no scent.

26 Jun, 2019


That will confirm it as L tingitanus then. Thanks Sg.

26 Jun, 2019

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