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Can anyone tell me what this plant is please, son brought it for me out of his small back yard garden as was taking up room he needed, but he couldn't remember the name of it.




Bottle brush? if it is its botanical name is Callistemon. as to which one - no idea.

10 Jul, 2019


Thanks Seaburngirl, the flowers do remind me of bottle brushes. Will have a search now to see if I can pin point it.

10 Jul, 2019


Possibly callistemon linearis

10 Jul, 2019


My first thought was Bottlebrush, too.

11 Jul, 2019


It looks like Lemon Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus), to me.

17 Jul, 2019


Thanks for your comments, sorry so long answering,but spent a large part of 2019/ 2020 in hospital nearly didnt make it out from last four week stay. Was on a ward where we had isolation rooms and for a while my visitors had to wear ppe,my heart goes out to those now in hospital due to corona virus, very frightening for them and relatives.

3 Apr, 2020

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