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He's sporty....he's chic! What kind of bug is this? Friend or Foe? He seems to like my Common Milkweed plant. Thanks

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well it is a beetle [order coleoptera] and possibly a Green june beetle. seems to eat ripe fruit.
have a look Paul and see what you think.

11 Jul, 2019


Is he coming for my tomatoes? They are still green! Hold on...I"ll take a look.

11 Jul, 2019


It's really difficult to narrow down from a photo, the figeater & the Japanese beetles look really similar to the June bugs? Possible that the larvae do more damage than the actual beetle though...

11 Jul, 2019


That's good to know. I don't mind if he eats the milkweed. I have that for the Monarch Butterflies, but I don't think they mind sharing.

11 Jul, 2019


how big was/is it? I'd love to know which beetle it is.

12 Jul, 2019


It's the June Bug. The leaf he's on is 8 inches, so he's a little over an inch. Never saw one of these before.

12 Jul, 2019


So Cotinis Nitida? Perhaps another example of climate change that you've rarely seen them so far North BG?

12 Jul, 2019


hmm good point. You could be right.

12 Jul, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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