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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Bad year for sweet peas? Usually at this time of year I have vases and vases of sweet peas around the house - I can’t keep up with them! This year I’m afraid I had to pull them up a couple of days ago.. Anyone else had the same problem? What’s the reason they died back so quickly? Was it the very heavy rain we had for a few days?



mine have been erratic, they started off well but with the heat in July they stopped but I just left them alone and the last 2 weeks they have been very good, though short stemmed.

the rain certainly marks the petals but they usually send more buds up. have you been dead heading them. if seeds are left to form then they tend to stop flowering.

27 Aug, 2019


Have you been using fertiliser?

27 Aug, 2019


Pick them every couple of days when flowering. Very few go to seed. Don’t use any fertiliser. I’ve enjoyed terrific crops in the same spot for about 15 years. First year to have a problem. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the actual plants which were from a different source and variety. Will stick to the old favourites next year in the hope of a better crop. Thanks for the comments.

31 Aug, 2019

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