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Scadoxus lily.( indoor plant) I bought this large bulb last spring which flowered and then produced a good amount of foliage which is still nice and green. I have kept the compost moist. what do I do for winter care to ensure repeated flowering next year?



This is what the RHS says about their care.

hope it helps.

21 Oct, 2019


You probably have S. multiflorus, the most popular one. It will have a very short or no dormancy period. The main thing is to keep it cool (above 50°F), but not too warm. If you have S. multiflorus ssp. multiflorus, (it flowers before mid-summer) it comes from the dry savannah, so careful watering is needed. If you have S. multiflorus ssp katharinae (it flowers after mid-summer), it comes from a much wetter area.
Seeds are supposed to be easy to start, if you get any, but need to be sown right away and can take 10 years to bloom.

21 Oct, 2019

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