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Phaelenopsis repotting
I was given mine several years ago and it really needs repotting now. Orchid compost comes in quite big bags and I would only need a trowelful. Is there anything else I can use that I might have already? I have never had an orchid before. And does it have to be in a clear pot? Mine has been happy in one like a yogurt pot (not the singe serving sort...)but it has so many roots now there really isn't room for them. When I repot it should some of the arial roots be put into the pot? At present it looks like a demented spider on drugs...



Orchids really don't need potting mix at all. They are epiphytes. Take a look at my orchid blog (I think it's my first blog in my archives). Many grow naturally up in the tree tops nestled in the crotch of taller trees. Orchids also do photosynthesis through their roots which explains the clear pots. No, they really don't need the pot either. The garden centers need to make money off of them somehow - it's all marketing. You can just wire them to a piece of wood and call it done.

2 Dec, 2019


This might be useful

2 Dec, 2019


Thank you both! Do I have to keep the whole large collection of aerial roots? It looks as though its trying to climb out of the pot? The longest is about 12"

5 Dec, 2019


I can't answer that Steragram, sorry... I am not a lover of orchids and don't have any experience with them. Some of the flowers are quite pretty (though I find some repellent) but I cannot bear all those roots...

5 Dec, 2019


Also they don't look real do they, and they stay the same for seeks on end.

6 Dec, 2019


Personally, I love the roots. I think it makes the plant look absolutely wild and they contrast beautifully with the delicate flowers.

13 Dec, 2019


A few are OK but these are a bit OTT. I'll see what it looks like after removing the obviously old ones. I still haven't located a supplier of small sachets of orchid compost and I don't want to get a large bag that I'll never use more than a few spoonfuls of...

13 Dec, 2019

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