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Please can someone advisements on the care of this plant, which I received today as a Christmas present? Many thanks.




Solanum pseudocapsicum.
Grow under glass in loam-based compost in full light with shade from hot sun. Water freely & feed monthly in growth. Mist daily. Pots can be moved outdoors for summer. In frost-free areas, grow in moderately fertile, neutral to alkaline soil in sun.
Berries are poisonous.

25 Dec, 2019


Many thanks Owd Boggy. Hope all is well with you both.

26 Dec, 2019


When the berries are ripe, you can save the seed as they will germinate easily in the spring.

26 Dec, 2019


I agree. check regularly for white fly. the ones I have been given over the years always seem to bring them in.

they can make a long lasting houseplant, just prune the longer stems that don't have any flowers/berries to keep it compact.

26 Dec, 2019


I stood one out in the garden last spring & it has rooted into the ground through the base of the pot. It flowered in the summer & is now in berry. Perhaps I will take it out of the pot & plant it properly when spring comes. I have seen the them grow into small bushes in Surrey. In their native habitat I believe they are quite big shrubs.

27 Dec, 2019


Many thanks to everyone for the useful comments and suggestions!

28 Dec, 2019

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