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Happy New Year, all of my GoY friends!
In the frozen North, I hope that all of your plant babies are snug in their beds, while visions of bright springs dance in their heads.
For the mild winter gardeners (like me), and for all of our friends south of the Equator, I hope that all of your winter and summer flowers are up and cheering your hearts!



Happy new year from wet misty Wales :)
and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us throughout the year.
My Fuchsias and cacti are in a shelter just in case we get frost, but we haven't had any so far this winter. January and February can sometimes be a bit cold but we seldom get severe weather here, it usually rains :D
(I hope those are not 'famous last words' ! lol)

1 Jan, 2020


Happy new year to you too from a chilly but dry [for a few days anyway] East Yorkshire. Lots of plants in the greenhouse and cold frame and spring bulbs poking their noses up through the soil. We have had a few light frosts but no snow yet, fingers crossed. [I agree Hywel]

1 Jan, 2020


Thank You Tugbrethil. Happy New Year to you as well. Hope you are feeling much better as we launch into a new decade. I can't even describe the weather here in NY at the moment. We had snow, then rain, then something in between.

1 Jan, 2020


Happy New Year to you too Tug. We have had only two ground frosts and so much rain I began to fear we would empty the Atlantic, or at least the Irish Sea. I don't know what the plants are thinking but the visions of Spring flowers are dancing in my head...

1 Jan, 2020


I also say a very happy New Year Tug. Am fed up with the news, prefer to read Grows on You.
Even the old items are more interesting than politics and all the nasty things they say and do.

4 Jan, 2020


Happy New Year Tug! I forecast the winter by the Wooly Bear Caterpillar which had a very wide red band in the fall of 2019. So I expect a relatively mild winter with little or no snow to shovel here on the Mid East Coast of the USA. HEY Goldenoldie91....RIGHT ON!!!

4 Jan, 2020


Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and New Year, Tug! Best wishes and good health for 2020!

5 Jan, 2020

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