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Still no pictures. I believe this is a Firefox issue but, try as I might, I cannot find the solution except that FF believes it's a dangerous site. I know it's unsecured but it always has been and to the best of my knowledge nobody has come a cropper yet.

I'm now using Chrome for GOY where I don't have any problems at all. (I hope these aren't famous last words!) I still prefer FF though and still hope that my tech man can do something.



I suspect it is as you say it is down to firefox being ultra careful.

23 Feb, 2020


I am using firefox with no problems. posted pictures yesterday, Windows 10 as well

23 Feb, 2020


I have no probs with Firefox either.

23 Feb, 2020


Ditto, no FF problems here, with Windows10. Have you checked what version of FF you have, maybe it needs updating?

24 Feb, 2020


I have the latest FF. It updates every three days which I think is overkill but I’m not knowledgeable enough to sort it. It’s encouraging that nobody here has my problem so there must be a solution somewhere. Thanks for the comments.

24 Feb, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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