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Please can anyone identify this house plant a friend has given me?




This looks like a Hindu Rope Hoya. You are lucky to have this lovely houseplant. I've always wanted one of these. It's ideally suited for a hanging basket or let it cascade over a table top or book shelf. Bright indirect light for this one - no direct sun. An Eastern or Western facing window. Blooms in Spring with wax-like flowers with sufficient light. Easy care plant. This is one plant that thrives on neglect. Don't over water - keep the soil just moderately damp to dry. Must always have good drainage. It's also called the "Wax Plant" because the flowers seem to be made of wax. Find it's place and just leave it be. Water every 2-3 weeks. It's a tough plant and very forgiving.

19 Mar, 2020


Thanks so much Bathgate.

20 Mar, 2020

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