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By Ostrich

East northants, United Kingdom Gb

I have a young Daphne Odora (1st year in flower) in a tub. Its leaves are all yellow, not falling off or looking unhealthy in any way. I don't think the leaves have changed colour, so I am asking is there a variety that has yellow leaves? If not can I reverse this by feeding...if so what please?
It retained its leave all winter.
Can't add photo as camera playing up!!



you do get variegated yellow and green leaves. If it has always been yellow then that's fine but I suspect it needs a feed. Give it all purpose feed as yellowing leaves can be a sign of several mineral deficiencies, boron and magnesium in particular. A teaspoon of Epsom salts is also a good green-up tonic.

23 Mar, 2020


Thanks. I did think that ...I've got liquid seaweed which I think may have most nutrients? Other option is "Grow More", will have a look what's in them .

24 Mar, 2020


You can also get special ericaceous feed which is like small blue granules. I add a good handful to the base of my camellia and daphne odora which is beautiful right now and smells gorgeous.

26 Mar, 2020

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