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I have recently purchased 3 patio fruit trees, 1 pear and two apples. I have potted them up and they look quite healthy. They are about 40cms high. What kind of feed should I use and when, also one of the apples has grown a side branch, should I take this off. I have never grown fruit before so all info would be highly appreciated.

On plant should I remove the side branch from my patio apple tree?



Hi, I presume you've potted them up in a soil based compost such as john innes number 3, if so they won't need any fertilizer for about 2 months, after this time you can use a general purpose fertilizer about once a month until round about the end of August, Derek.

24 Mar, 2020


Thanks Derekm

25 Mar, 2020


I’ve got several small apple trees in pots also a plum. They seem to like general fertiliser but I give them a seaweed feed every 5-6 weeks. They do make a wonderful show of blossom, which, in these hard times will be all the more welcome!

28 Mar, 2020

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