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when would be the best time to divide dwarf iris bulbs ( eg George and Katherines gold. ) They have finished flowering and I want to spread them out a bit. Thanks



leave them until the leaves die back as this will allow the bulb to fatten up. then empty the pot or lift the clump and divide then. if in a pot give them a light feed.
if you do them now you will damage the roots and they may not get enough food reserves to flower next year

28 Mar, 2020


I agree, late summer/fall is the ideal time.

29 Mar, 2020


These Iris are the very early spring flowering ones Bathgate and die down by the end of April/May usually. In the Autumn they have started putting new roots out.

29 Mar, 2020


Thanks. I will do them as the leaves die back as I need to know where the gaps are in this border. They have been in the ground for a number of years and never fail to flower in February.

3 Apr, 2020

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